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Major League Baseball considering expansion, radical realignment

Major League Baseball considering expansion, radical realignment
Published On: Tue, Oct 17
Aug 25, 2017; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Ryan Sherriff (65) pitches in his Major League debut during the fifth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Tracy Ringolsby of Baseball America wrote yesterday about a growing consensus within baseball that expansion and realignment are inevitable. The likely expansion cities: Portland and Montreal. The 32-team league would then undergo a radical realignment that would also involve reducing the season from 162 to 156 games while expanding the playoffs to 12 teams.

To be clear, Ringolsbys actual reporting here is limited to that growing consensus about expansion, and the most likely cities involved, not regarding the specific realignment or game reduction plan. That I take to be speculative " he refers to it as one proposal " though it seems like reasonable and informed speculation. The general idea is that, if you expand, you have to realign, and if you realign you have to change the playoff structure lest too many teams in any one division become also-rans. That, combined with the near impossibility of changing the early-April-to-late-October footprint of the season and the desire of players to have less arduous travel schedules and some extra time off, leads to the shorter season.

The details of the plan:

The American and National Leagues would be disposed of, with MLB putting all 32 teams into four, eight-team, regionally-based divisions: East, North, Midwest, West. This is designed to (a) maintain regional and traditional rivalries while (b) cutting way back on cross-time zone travel. Both New York teams and Boston are in the North, both Chicago teams and St. Louis are in the Midwest, etc. Texas and Houston are in the Midwest too, but well let the Texans get mad about that later.

The playoffs would feature a LOT of play-in games. Specifically, Ringolsby would have the four division winners go to the Division Series, where they would play the winner of four different Wild Card games, the participants in which would come from the eight non-division winners with the best records, regardless of which division they came from.

The schedule would go back to 156 games, giving every team an off-day every week. Between that and the more compact, almost all single-time-zone divisions, the travel schedules would be far less taxing, with shorter flights and more flights which could leave the day after a night game as opposed to directly after a night game, causing teams to arrive in the next city in the wee hours of the morning.


Obviously this would piss off the purists. The elimination of the traditional leagues, the shorter season, a (slightly) altered standard for records and milestones, and a doubling of one-and-done playoff series would make a lot of fans dizzy. On the one hand, I could argue that baseball has NEVER been as pure and unchanging as people like to pretend it is so maybe people shouldnt get too bent out of shape over this, but its simply unavoidable that this would rattle a lot of baseball fans, and not just the ones hopelessly stuck in the past. Baseball should not be slavishly devoted to its history, but it needs to recognize that its history is a selling point and an important touchstone for many, many fans.

Read the complete news article here...

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